Mark Twain High School

Tigers’ Basketball 1962-1963

Quint City Co-Champions

3rd Place Missouri State Regionals

Team statistics for inclusion in the Mark Twain Record Book are:

Most Wins in a Season:  24

Only Conference Champion Ever: 1963

Team Points in a Season: 1954

Average Points per Game in a Season:  63.03

Winning Margin per Game in a Season:  10.32

Four all Conference Players:

Wallace Mills and Mel Brashears 1st Team,

Mike Johnson 2nd Team and John Crockett Honorable Mention

One All District Player: Mel Brashears 1st Team.

Four Players Averaged Double Figures in a Season:

Mel Brashears, Wallace Mills, Mike Johnson and John Crockett

Largest Margin of Victory in a Game:  40 Points in Season Opener against McCooey

Highest Score in a Single Game:  86 Points against Centralia

Times above 80 Points in a Game in a Single Season:  4

Centralia, Shelbina, Louisiana, and Winfield

Sadly, career statistics for the team or individuals cannot be reproduced, only portions of our senior season can. Our junior team had 4 starters that also started on our senior team. Five players on our senior team played some varsity in our sophomore year as well. Clearly several players would be in the record book for career statistics. Unless additional records are found the career history is lost forever.

Individual Statistics were kept and at season’s end passed out on stencil mimeographed paper to all of the players. My mother had kept a log of my points per game and several of my teammates kept records as well. When our yearbooks came out at year’s end my Mother transferred her log into my yearbook and I added some stats from the mimeographed sheet as well to the back of my yearbook. I wish I had recorded everything for my teammates, but alas only some. In the figure above, you can see my Mother’s listing of my points per game she transferred from her notes. So from her notes and my notes here are the known individual statistics.


Mel Brashears    468 points averaging 15.10 ppg

Wallace Mills      466 points averaging 15.03 ppg

Mike Johnson     362 points averaging 11.68 ppg

John Crocket      313 points averaging 10.10 ppg

Chester Palmer  203 points averaging   6.55 ppg

Bill Powell             55 points averaging   1.77 ppg

Donald Walton     52 points averaging    1.68 ppg

Harold Yager        25 points averaging    0.81 ppg

3 Juniors              10 points averaging    0.32 ppg


Totals                 1954 points averaging  63.03 ppg



I recorded additional statistics from the mimeographed sheet for myself.


Mel Brashears Single Season


Field Goals                        209 of 382

Free Throws                        50 of 66

Rebounds                          334 & 10.77 per game

Field Goal Percentage        54.71%

Free Throw Percentage      75.76%


Mike Johnson and his Mother, Dean, also kept some records and a scrapbook.